Caddy Organization: Tools for Success

In a well organized housekeeping caddy, everything has a place and a purpose.

  • The caddy itself should have deep enough pockets to prevent the items from falling out
  • The caddy should have two compartments to prevent cross contamination. Bathroom tools and chemicals should be on one side of the caddy.
  • The toilet brush should be placed in a holder within the caddy to prevent contamination through contact with other items.
  • Chemicals that could react when mixed should be positioned apart in the caddy for safety.
  • Trigger spray nozzles should be faced inward to minimize the chance that a housekeeper could get accidentally sprayed with chemicals.
  • Unused and dry pieces, such as steel wool, should be stored in a ZiplocTM bag. Steel wool will rust if it gets wet.
  • The dish wand should be turned up for drying.
  • The caddy must equip the housekeeper for the cleaning process and complement the flow of the process, as well.
  • A complete caddy, as pictured, along with floor tools, should completely and properly clean a unit.

Source: MasterCorp’s Employee Development & Training team

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