Caution: Wet Floor

How often are we truly attentive to the warning we see on the little yellow sign?  Truth be told, we rarely give it a second glance when we pass it.  We believe we’re safe, we’ll never be the ones who slip up on a wet floor.  Well, until the day it happens, at least.

Associates who work in the field deal with the potential pitfalls of walking on wet floors daily.  Cleaning non-carpeted surfaces in units means that our associates are constantly navigating floors coated with water and solution, increasing their risk of slipping and falling tenfold.  In best cases, the only thing that gets hurt when an employee slips on a wet floor is their pride.  Other times, it leads to serious injury that may or may not impede their work.

When you find yourself absolutely needing to make your way across a wet floor, you may not totally avoid slipping, but you can alter the chance that it’ll happen.  Here are a few ways to protect yourself:

  • Wear proper shoes with non-slip grip.
  • Keep your center of balance beneath you by pointing your feet forward.
  • Walk slowly and take small steps.
  • If possible, use rails or other objects nearby to guide you.
  • In the case of a fall, protect your body’s most vulnerable areas, such as your head, your neck, and your spine.

In any case, associate safety is of the utmost importance.  Quick unit turnover is important, sure, but it’s never more vital than the well-being of an associate.  Always approach any potential hazard – such as a wet floor – with caution and use your best judgment.  After all, quick thinking in the moment can mean the difference between proceeding unscathed or being seriously injured.

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