Expert vs Standard Cleaning

The commercial cleaning industry has changed rapidly in the last few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What customers perceive as “clean” in a post-virus world is different. People have higher standards now more than ever in their janitorial services. Being able to provide top-of-the-line equipment, products, an expertise is now a must-have, which is why you need to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of your commercial services provider. That’s why we’re letting you in on the standard cleaning procedures, and how MasterCorp Commercial Services is always a step above the rest!


The chemicals used by your janitorial provider are extremely important, as they will determine not only the quality of your clean, but also the safety of your staff and clients. Carefully consider the quality of the chemicals used by your vendor, as well as if they have alternative supplies that meet your needs.

Standard service providers typically use standard cleaning products, which can be potentially harmful to your building or property occupants, while degrading the materials they are used on. Another drawback to these chemicals is that they are also hazardous to the environment.

MasterCorp Commercial Services ONLY uses environmentally friendly green-label cleaning products. We recycle used materials on our own after every job. Finally, we had our team of experts develop the perfect water-to-chemical ration scale to maintain the integrity and ensure the longevity of your property through the cleaning process.


When choosing a vendor, you need to make sure they can do the job. Carefully consider the services you need, while leaving room in your budget for additional things that may pop up. Just as well, make sure your janitorial service provider is specialized in cleaning for your industry.

Standard service providers are often a one note business, providing only Commercial Cleaning Care. They might not be equipped to perform the necessary inspection services after the job. Finally, if issues outside the realm of Commercial Services Cleaning are uncovered, they might not have the diversity in other specialty service care to handle them, forcing you to hire yet another contractor. 

MasterCorp Commercial Services is one part of a much bigger operation. Since our inception 40 years ago, we have made it a point to expand out into a full-service company. Beyond Commercial Services, we provide floor care, laundry, housekeeping services, and engineering.

The Processes

The way your vendor cleans goes a long way in the health and safety of your building or property. Do they have the proper methods in place to get the best clean possible? Do they regularly update their SOPs to reflect the most current industry standards? Finally, make sure their internal processes align with your values.

Standard service Commercial Cleaning often means you will get a standard job. This means getting a clean that may not be up to your standards, doing only what is required, but not what is necessary, or needed to MAINTAIN your property’s cleanliness.

Over the years, MasterCorp Commercial Service’s team of experts has developed its own industry-leading proprietary cleaning processes. We have solid ongoing training for all janitorial Associates to ensure these procedures are uniform everywhere they are implemented. Furthermore, they are adjusted depending on the needs and wants of the property, as well as government regulations.

Quality Assurance

Make sure your service provider has proper oversight when it comes to their cleaning operations on your property. It’s important that quality standards are met, progress is tracked, and issues are recorded, so they can be followed up on later.

Standard service cleaning companies may provide you with a work report of services completed at the end of their contract. But, what about inventory, progress, or potential future hazards? These are things you need to ensure your business runs smoothly in the present AND the future.

MasterCorp Commercial Services has a dedicated Quality Assurance Department that regulates all Standard Operating Procedures and makes sure all services are performed at optimal efficiency. We also have a dedicated team of onsite managers who follow up before, during, and after every clean to make sure it’s performed to the highest quality and is aligned with our values.


It’s important to choose a vendor with up-to-date technology. This doesn’t just apply to cleaning technology, but also to reporting data configuration, and quality tracking. It’s important to choose a vendor who can provide you with all the information you need at a moments notice.

Standard service cleaning companies don’t often have the equipment to perform their services properly. Manpower will only get you so far. That’s why you need a cleaning company that has not only the right people for the job, but also the right resources.

MasterCorp Commercial Services uses only the best industry-leading equipment, thoroughly researched by our team of experts to give you the most consistent, cost-effective clean. This includes HEPPA Filtered low-decibel vacuum cleaners, flat-microfiber mops, and long-lasting urethane finishes with anti-slip solutions.

The Team

When choosing a vendor, going with the full-service option is usually the best. What’s the point of outsourcing your janitorial team if they only do the cleaning part? Remember, your vendor shouldn’t just be a hired hand, they should be a partner you can trust, so you can fully focus on your business.

When bringing on an outsourced commercial cleaning team, it can be hard to track if their team is experienced in delivering high-quality services. Another drawback is if they don’t do their own recruiting, which is sometimes the case.

MasterCorp Commercial Services is run by a team of executive leaders with more than 20 years in the commercial cleaning industry. Furthermore, we do the recruiting for you, through our established Talent Acquisition team, vetting the proper technicians for the job you need.

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