From Linens to Landscaping: How Resorts and Hotels Can Adopt Sustainable Housekeeping Practices Across the Board

More people than ever before are concerned about the environment, as well as sustainable alternatives businesses can offer. It can be hard for hoteliers to offer sustainable services with all the other amenities offered. You don’t want to compromise the guest’s comfort, so the question stands: How can you offer eco-friendly services, on top of everything you already do? The answer: your housekeeping department.

Find a housekeeping provider that not only gives you a high-quality clean, but also can provide you with sustainable housekeeping products and practices. Now, most hospitality service companies already offer sustainable alternatives, but when you partner with MasterCorp, you’re partnering with an organization that always goes a step above the rest!

  1. Sustainable Methodology- At MasterCorp, we practice sustainable cleaning methods to maximize your hotels savings on water, electricity, plastic waste, and safe waste disposal.
  2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions– We ONLY use environmentally friendly cleaning products, what have minimal impact on the environment, and are recommended for people with breathing sensitivities, and at-risk immune systems.
  3. Protective Practices- When choosing a housekeeping service provider, find someone who knows how to fix, not replace. MasterCorp doesn’t believe in costly replacements as a first resort. We believe in hard work, and restoration using industry leading practices.  
  4. Convenient Facilities- When partnering with an outside vendor for your housekeeping needs, make sure they have the numbers to support you. MasterCorp services hundreds of locations across the  
  5. Expert Advice- MasterCorp Associates are experts in what they do. Our leaders have trained for years to master and be certified in industry leading practices. They are up to date in a wide variety of certifications and are ready to consult you in all of your housekeeping needs!

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

In recent years, more businesses have been trying to provide sustainable alternatives in their consumer offerings. But what do you do if your products don’t readily transition to green products or practices? Partnering with a green cleaning commercial service provider might be the answer! Learn More About Our Services

MasterCorp Commercial Services is one of the leading janitorial service providers in the nation. We operate in multiple states across the U.S., and our experts are trained in the latest industry leading practices, including for green cleaning!

  1. Green Cleaning Chemicals- MasterCorp Commercial Services ONLY uses eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions for ALL the facilities we service. We have worked for years to develop the proper ratio of ingredients to give the most effective, long-lasting clean, while also minimizing the effect on the environment.
  2. Eco-Friendly Certifications- We are industry certified in many green cleaning techniques and practices, we make sure our certifications are up to date, and can provide our licenses and references upon proposal request! (LINK)
  3. Safe Water Waste Disposal- We understand the need for a commercial services cleaning company you can trust. That’s why we go the extra mile to PROPERLY dispose of dirty or contaminated water.
  4. The Ability to Adapt- We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. If our customers want us to perform an environmental service not previously mentioned by us, we are willing to comply with their standards.

Hidden Green Benefits of Preventative

Hotels and resorts are a big operation to run. Not only do they require many dedicated teams including housekeeping, floor care, janitorial, and laundry, but they also require a maintenance staff. Whether it is a team that comes in annually to clean house, or a vendor performing regular maintenance, you need the help to keep your guests safe and your systems running sustainably.

There are many hidden benefits to performing regular maintenance on things like air conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical girds, and lighting maintenance. We don’t expect you to go hunting for these solutions, which is why MasterCorp, is going to tell you! With our team of engineering experts, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

  1. Heating and Cooling Systems- It’s important to regularly clean the dust, dirt, and debris that’s collected in your air filters and conditioning systems. It’s not an area of dirt your guests will regularly notice, but it does have an impact on their health and comfort. When you partner with MasterCorp for your maintenance needs, you are partnering with a company that CARES about your guests and your business. We are trained in completely revamping your air filtration systems, so they run more efficiently and also cleaner!
  2. Water Supply and Plumbing- Something as small as a leaky faucet in a guest room can cause GALLONS of water waste if left unchecked.  It’s also important to keep your property plumbing maintained, as one clog can disrupt your entire water system. Partnering with a team like MasterCorp can ensure your plumbing systems bare minimum to no water waste, and your guests are never impacted by blockages.
  3. Electrical Units- MasterCorp’s team of expert engineers knows how important your electrical systems, and back up generators are to your property. We go out of our way to check every wire and circuit to make sure nothing is damaged. If we find issues, we report on it IMMEDIATELY. We also report on potential issues that could affect you down the line.
  4. Lighting- Lighting is crucial to the guest experience. Our teams can be available to replace a light in a guest room, or industrial overheads in lobbies. We know the most eco-friendly options on the market, so we can consult you in the right options to restock your inventory with.

Green Linens and Laundry

Laundry services are becoming more popular in hotels and resorts as more people get back to traveling for longer periods of time. However, most in house laundry operations can sometimes turn into money-pits for properties, if they don’t have the experience to operate them. Learn More About Our History

Industrial grade washers and dryers use up a lot of water and electricity, having a negative impact on environmental sustainability, and significantly boosting costs for property owners.

So, what’s the solution? Do you just forgo these services? No. These are crucial services for not only standard hotel operations, but also your long-term travelers, as well as for emergency operations. There were many people during Covid-19 who were quarantined to their hotel rooms and relied heavily on their laundry departments for clean clothes and linen.

Luckily, MasterCorp has easy, cost-effective tips and advice for all of your eco-friendly service needs!

  • Water Saving Technology- Water recycling systems and high-capacity laundry machines not only optimize your laundry operations efficiency, but also maximizes your water savings!
  • Energy Efficiency- Energy efficiency should be the main goal of a green laundry service. Even something as simple as lighting at the facility should be designed to maximize power savings.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions- When choosing your cleaning materials, choose ones that are biodegradable and all natural. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also better for people who might have skin sensitivities and allergies.
  • Protective Practices- If using an outsourced cleaning company for your linens, find someone who is well-trained in providing high quality laundry services for hospitality settings.
  • Convenient Facilities- When partnering with an outside vendor for your laundry and linen needs, find someone with locations nearby. This will minimize late times and delays with fresh laundry delivery.

The MasterCorp Advantage

MasterCorp has been a trusted name in the hospitality services industry for more than 40 years! We service name brand resorts across the United States, providing anything they need, including housekeeping, floor care, engineering maintenance, and laundry. No matter where you are in the nation, there is a MasterCorp team nearby ready to help you!

We are experts in everything we do, including providing specialty services for all of our business lines. We are well versed in green cleaning and are up to date in sustainable practices specific to the hospitality industry, and we ONLY use green products, as part of our commitment to the environment, and reducing the overall ecological footprint of the industry.

Bottom line, when you partner with MasterCorp, you are partnering with a company that doesn’t NEED to be asked to go the extra mile, because we ALREADY do it!

So don’t wait! Let us help you stay a step above the rest!

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