How Can MasterCorp Help You Go Green, Without Compromising the Quality of Your Guest’s Experience?

Now more than ever, hotel guests expect more when it comes to the quality of their stay. We don’t mean accommodations, or amenities, although those are important. No, we mean the quality of cleanliness. This means hotel rooms and public use areas need to be constantly cleaned and disinfected, which in turn can create a lot of environmental waste. It’s not something hotels and resorts readily think about.

When would you really even have the time when your job is to focus on the guest experience? However, it is something important to consider! That’s why we are taking the time to show you how green cleaning can help reduce housekeeping waste, and help you boost your business!

New Travelers are Going Green

In today’s world, more people than ever before are concerned with environmentally friendly services, and sustainable practices. As a hotel and resort provider, we know you want to provide the best experience possible to your guests without compromising the quality of their stay. Green cleaning has all the benefits of providing your guests with something extra, without compromising quality or breaking your bank.

What Does It Mean to Green Clean?

Green Cleaning is what the name implies. It’s an environmentally friendly housekeeping practice to keep your property spotless, while also reducing the amount of waste you produce, and limiting your impact on the surrounding environment. Green cleaning relates to not only the practices professional cleaning services use, but also the products and equipment. There are many eco-friendly cleaning products on the market to promote a healthy and sustainable environment. At this point, there is no reason for industrial cleaning services to NOT go green.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

A Healthier Environment

Green Cleaning provides a clean that will minimize the amount of health hazards potentially inflicted in a shared or enclosed space. Since covid, more people than ever are aware, or have sustained long term health issues. More people than ever are susceptible to illness or are immune compromised because of the virus. A large percentage of the population also has respiratory issues, whether they were born with it or developed it later in life. Green cleaning products use all natural, organic solutions. These mixtures are often odorless, which is a great benefit to people who have respiratory issues, or difficulty breathing.

More Cost-Effective Solutions

Eco-friendly cleaning services employs the use of reusable materials. Equipment such as microfiber cloths and reusable packaging containers may seem like an expensive buy at first, but the key word people often miss is “REUSABLE.”

These products were made to last! Microfiber cloths are washable, without degrading their effectiveness, and reusable containers typically just need to be washed and disinfected between uses. This will save money down the line on buying mounds of paper-towels, trash bags, non-recyclable chemical bottles, and other non-biodegradable cleaning materials. Remember, a green clean is a SMART clean. Learn More About Our Services

Green Cleaning Is More Effective

Eco-friendly cleaning is more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Along with green cleaning solutions being better for the environment, they are tailored to set and provide a disinfecting clean that lasts longer than chemically diluted products, which saves money and materials. Sustainable cleaning products are also better for your property essentials, including windows, stone and tile, and natural stone settings and walkways to name a few.

Chemicals can degrade these organic materials, leading to costly replacements, but natural cleaning products will maintain the integrity of your investments. On a similar note, green cleaning equipment also cuts your waste in half, while giving you a more robust clean. Microfiber cloths act like a magnet, trapping double the amount of dust, debris, and bacteria, and with one good wash they are ready to use again!

Partner with a Green Clean Service Provider!

We know your focus in on providing your guests with the best experience possible. You may not have time to train or oversee a capable and sustainable cleaning team along with your day-to-day demands. That’s why you should partner with a full-service cleaning provider like MasterCorp! Learn More About Us

At Master Corp, we take care of recruiting, training, and managing an expert cleaning team, hand-picked to support your property and its specific needs. Not only do we provide professional cleaning services, we also ONLY use green cleaning products and practices as part of our commitment to our clients and the environment.

We partner with EcoLab, whose sustainability programs are built to provide quality beyond regulation. EcoLab participates in the Chemical Footprint Project, a global initiative to monitor chemical usage, provide environmentally friendly alternatives, and reduce the use of chemicals of high concern. We are fully committed to working in line with your sustainability protocols. If you have a specific request for an environmentally friendly service, we will make it happen!

For more than 40 years we have been one of the leading hospitality service providers in the nation, and now we want to continue that legacy with you!

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