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Hospital Facility Cleaning Services

Hospital Facility Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services for Healthcare Facilities

Hospital centers need to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for their patients and staff. To accomplish this, they need a janitorial cleaning services provider who can understand the environment, work flexibly with hospital schedules, and clean in accordance with medical regulations.

MasterCorp has years of experience providing top-tier hospital facility cleaning services to centers across the U.S., and we want to extend out expertise to you. Through our unparalleled training methods, tools, and processes, you can deliver the highest level of cleanliness to your patients, while also instilling trust in your institution.

What To Expect from Our Services

Hospital Disinfection Service

Stop the spread of bacteria through our Beyond Clean disinfection services. MasterCorp Commercial Services uses industry leading electrostatic spraying technology and misting to thoroughly decontaminate your center. This process not only gets rid of 99.9% of germs, but also lasts longer than other disinfection techniques.

Operating and Surgical Suite Cleaning

Surgical suite cleaning requires speed, quality, and consistency; three things MasterCorp Commercial Services has mastered over the years. With our expertise and skill in sterilizing medical operating rooms, you’ll be able to get patients in faster without having to worry about harmful bacteria.

Restroom Cleaning

Your restrooms can become breeding grounds for germs, mold, and other hazardous bacteria. With MasterCorp Commercial Services as your janitorial services partner, you’ll get a detailed clean that eliminates dirt from your restroom’s most hard to reach spots. We finish the job with a specialty urethane coating, which seals in cleanliness and protects your restroom for up to 5 years,

Waiting Room and Office Cleaning

Your waiting room sets the stage as a first impression for patients, while your offices serve as a space for your physicians and administrative staff to collect, plan, and problem solve. With our services all-encompassing janitorial cleaning services you can promote a sterile atmosphere that supports patient comfort and staff productivity while mitigating infection risks.

Waste Management and Disposal

Proper medical waste disposal is critical for preventing infections and complying with federal regulations. MasterCorp Commercial Services is expertly trained to handle medical waste removal; fully adhering to state and national standards, and ultimately promoting a healthier environment in your medical facility.

Spend less time worrying about your hospital hygiene, and more time focusing on your patients by partnering with MasterCorp for your janitorial cleaning services!

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Outsourcing your facility cleaning and maintenance needs enables you to focus on your core business. Whether you are looking for a full-time solution or supplementing your own program, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. MasterCorp is committed to offering fully customizable janitorial programs that fit the needs of your business, your customers, and your operation.

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    We don’t believe in one-size fits all services. We know that every business has its own specific set of cleaning and maintenance needs. Our programs are designed to find the best solutions to deliver the results that are important to you, on time and within budget.

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