Preparing Your Hotel for the Summer Rush: A Housekeeping Checklist

As the summer season approaches, hotels are gearing up to welcome a surge of guests looking for a memorable vacation experience. With an influx of visitors, it becomes crucial for hotel and resort owners and managers to ensure that every aspect of their establishment is well-prepared to provide excellent service. One integral aspect of this preparation is equipping your housekeeping team with a comprehensive checklist to efficiently manage the increased workload.

For more than 40 years, MasterCorp has been a trusted name in the hospitality industry. With more than 600 active customers across the U.S., our reputation of excellence speaks for itself. Now, we are sharing our experience with you! In this article, we’re going to give you tips on how to optimize your housekeeping department for the summer rush and what you can gain from partnering with MasterCorp.

Tips for Summer Staffing and Housekeeping Services!

1. Optimize Staffing Levels: Evaluate your current staffing levels and consider hiring additional temporary staff members to accommodate the influx of guests. Adequate staffing is vital to maintaining cleanliness, efficiency, and guest satisfaction.

As a full-service provider, MasterCorp is there for your housekeeping service needs every step of the way. We recruit, train, and manage a team of experts who know how to get the job done on time, every time. With a dedicated Talent Acquisition program, extensive knowledge of the industry, and a full scope of benefits and incentives, we have the resources needed to not only staff your property but also retain our Associates throughout the duration of your contract with us!

2. Create a Thorough Cleaning Schedule: Establish a detailed cleaning schedule that covers all guest rooms, common areas, and high-traffic zones. This schedule should include daily cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting. Additionally, pay special attention to the frequency of changing linens and towels to meet the increased demand.

At MasterCorp, we understand the need for a more streamlined and efficient approach to housekeeping scheduling and room management. That’s why we developed our own award-winning housekeeping management technology. The MasterMind Mobile Application can update room assignments, track progress, and streamline maintenance reporting all with a few clicks. The application is on all Associate’s phones, so they can see changes as soon as they are made. Finally, the software can be integrated into your hotel management system for full transparency.

3. Focus on Efficient Room Turnaround: During the summer rush, quick room turnaround is crucial to accommodating new arrivals promptly. Encourage your housekeeping team to follow a systematic approach that minimizes turnaround time while ensuring quality. Provide them with the necessary tools, such as cleaning carts stocked with essential supplies, to enhance efficiency.

We have perfected our cleaning processes over the decades. We are constantly updating, tweaking, and perfecting our methods for maximum efficiency. We train our Associates to clean from the perspective of the guest, which means they catch details that other housekeeping service providers might not. We have our team members inspect for scratches, dents, and damage on appliances. We implement wall-to-wall dusting and disinfecting with a focus on high-touch areas. Finally, we have dedicated inspectors to correct any issues and retrain on-site, so issues are addressed BEFORE the guest enters the room.

4. Train Staff on Effective Housekeeping Procedures: Train your housekeeping department on effective housekeeping techniques that maximize quality without compromising timeliness. In peak seasons, it’s important not to fall behind, as it’s likely the room being delayed is scheduled for another guest, and having an inconvenience due to housekeeping will likely affect their loyalty to your brand.

MasterCorp has spent years perfecting our proprietary 7 Steps to Clean process. All our Associates go through a mandatory two-week training in this process and then have near-daily refresher courses after. This process maximizes efficiency above all else. We can get rooms turned quickly while still maintaining the integrity of the cleaning. The process also helps us catch small details. Remember, the room can set the tone for the quality of a guest’s stay, so our goal is to always get it right the first time.

5. Foster a Positive Work Environment: Recognize and appreciate the hard work of your housekeeping team during the busy season. Create a supportive work environment by providing necessary training, addressing concerns, and showing appreciation for their efforts. A motivated and happy team is more likely to provide exceptional service.

At MasterCorp, we recognize that our People are the core of our success! That’s why we work hard every day to celebrate them and recognize their value. We hold annual years of service and new hire celebrations for Associates, and we let them recognize each other through our bravo! Awards and Recognition Program. We also offer all Associates best-in-class benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and a 401(k) plan with a match!

The MasterCorp Advantage

Preparing your hotel for the summer rush requires careful planning and effective management, especially when it comes to your housekeeping department. By partnering with MasterCorp, you can maximize the efficiency of your housekeeping department without spending time, money, or energy on recruitment and training.

We are a full-service partner, which means we hire, train, and manage a team of experts hand-picked for your location. We have ongoing learning and development and retention programs in place to ensure skills are fostered, and Associates want to stay!

Finally, you get a partner with decades of industry experience who understands hospitality trends and can work with you to achieve your goals.

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