Housekeeper Appreciation: Goes a Long Way

Managers who consistently express appreciation to their housekeeping staff not only receive an increase in work performance and retention, but greater staff loyalty, as well. Many of our housekeeping managers make it a habit of expressing appreciation throughout the day and especially as their staff finishes the work day.

Events such as International Housekeepers Week provide an excellent opportunity for a special expression of appreciation. This year, every MasterCorp housekeeping team across the country enjoyed a week of planned events.

  • Video. As each housekeeper checked in throughout the week, a video played on the kiosk showing every department and every executive at our corporate offices holding special flash card messages of appreciation.
  • Events. & Gifts. Throughout the week, housekeepers were treated to a popsicle break, cake and ice cream treats, raffle prizes, and fun games in the housekeeping Olympics. On the first and last days of IHW, everyone on staff received gifts with a customized message.
  • Appreciation Cards. On custom-printed cards, managers wrote personal messages of appreciation to every housekeeper on staff.
  • Celebration Meal. At 4:00, after all the rooms were turned, the housekeeping staff was treated to an appreciation meal served by the managers.
  • iCARE. MasterCorp’s culture of caring expresses appreciation throughout the year for our guests and for each other. Everyone received new iCARE™ pins to wear as a part of their uniform.
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