How Can MasterCorp Help You Streamline Your Housekeeping Operations and Improve Guest Satisfaction?

Most people have the misconception that the housekeeping department is all about cleaning. However, it’s the foundation that keeps the hospitality industry standing firm in its success. Efficiency and excellence in housekeeping operations is crucial for ensuring the success of a hotel or resort. After a guest’s room is usually the first and last impression they will have of their stay. That’s why it’s important to understand the contributions of your housekeeping department, and how to streamline your operations to ensure your property is reaching its full potential.

In this article, we will give you insight into what it means to maximize your housekeeping potential, while also giving you tips and tricks that MasterCorp has developed as one of the leading hospitality service providers in the nation.

What Does it REALLY Mean To Streamline Your Hospitality Services?

Some people believe that “streamlining” means cutting corners. But really, it means you are refocusing the goals of your housekeeping operations to be aligned with other departments. For example, the housekeeping department is responsible for room upkeep, and restocking amenities. But let’s say while a housekeeper is working, they find a maintenance issue. Then, the housekeeper would have to inform their supervisor of the issue, and in turn the supervisor would bring the issue to the front office and maintenance department. If the room needs to be put out of commission, then the issue goes to the revenue management team to ensure the sales of other rooms are on the higher side to cover the loss.

Basically, everything is connected! Now that you know that here are 10 tips for streamlining your Housekeeping Operations!

1. Processes and Standards

Develop well-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all housekeeping tasks, including room cleaning, laundry, inventory management, and maintenance. SOPs should outline step-by-step instructions, timeframes, and quality standards to ensure consistency and efficiency. Not only does MasterCorp have a dedicated Quality Control team to oversee that quality is being met at all levels, but we also have our own.

2. Staffing and Scheduling

Efficient scheduling and staffing will help manage workload effectively and avoid burnout or underutilizing resources. Having a housekeeping provider with knowledge on occupancy patterns, and annual industry trends will help with this. MasterCorp has been in the hospitality industry for more than 40 years, and at this point there is nothing we haven’t seen. Not only do we recruit and train specifically for peak seasons, but we also have retention programs in place to ensure housekeepers stay once they’re onboarded.

3. Training and Development

Providing your housekeepers with ongoing training to enhance their skills and knowledge in the latest cleaning techniques, and time management tips tools can help increase efficiency at your location. However, we understand that training can take time and resources you don’t have. When you partner with MasterCorp for your housekeeping service needs, you get a team that provides ongoing training for our team in our proprietary 7 Steps To Clean process. We also hold daily refresher meetings, and ongoing safety training, all with our own resources! You won’t need to lift a finger! Learn More About Our Services

4. Technology Solutions

Utilize technology to streamline housekeeping operations. Housekeeping software can automate and optimize tasks such as room assignment, tracking inventory, and scheduling routine maintenance. Mobile apps can enable real-time communication between staff and supervisors, improving coordination and response times. At MasterCorp, we understand the need for such technology, which is why we have put time, money, and research into developing our own award-wining housekeeping software called MasterMind Mobile. With MasterMind Mobile, we can update schedules and room assignments in real-time, report maintenance issues on the spot, and manage inventories.

5. Equipment and Products

Ensure an efficient supply chain for housekeeping materials, such as cleaning products, linens, and amenities. Implement inventory management systems to track stock levels, monitor usage patterns, and facilitate timely replenishment. At MasterCorp, we partner with Ecolab, which means we have our own internal supply of cleaning solutions. All of our products are organic, which means they won’t diminish the integrity of your amenities, like wooden furniture frames, or steel fixtures. We are also up to date in the latest cleaning and maintenance equipment, in which all of our team members are trained to properly use.

6. Reporting and Feedback

Establish performance metrics to assess housekeeping operations regularly. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as room turnaround time, cleanliness scores, and guest feedback. Provide feedback and recognition to employees based on their performance to motivate and encourage excellence. At MasterCorp we collect data from every single clean, and then use our results to provide you with smarter service. We are quick and transparent when it comes to providing you with results, and we also actively communicate with you every step of the way.

7. Cross-Department Collaboration

Foster communication between housekeeping and other departments, such as front office and maintenance. Effective communication and coordination between departments can help address issues promptly and ensure a seamless guest experience. Our team members and leaders understand that open communication is key to an effective housekeeping operation. The housekeeping department is the hub where all departments connect, as housekeepers are usually the ones to find and report maintenance issues, field guest requests, and ensure the health and safety of visitors. With us, you will ALWAYS know what’s going on!

8. Environmental Sustainability

Incorporate sustainable practices into housekeeping operations, such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving measures, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Implementing environmentally friendly initiatives can enhance your brand image and appeal to eco-conscious guests. MasterCorp has an ongoing commitment to sustainability! We ONLY us eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning. We also use sustainable waste disposal practices and are 100% committed to adhering to any sustainable practices you may use at your property.

9. Culture is Key

Encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the housekeeping team. Encourage employees to provide suggestions for process enhancements, share best practices, and participate in regular meetings or training sessions to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions. MasterCorp would be nothing without our People! We have a culture that is rooted in our care for our Associates, and customers. We are committed to providing a quality, consistent clean, and unlike other larger businesses, we take the time to sit with you and understand your needs. We will always be big enough to matter, and small enough to care. Learn More About Our History

10. Guest Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Regularly collect guest feedback through surveys or comment cards to identify areas for improvement. Analyze feedback data to identify recurring issues and take appropriate actions to address them promptly. We take guest feedback very seriously and take precautionary steps in our oversight practices to ensure their satisfaction is guaranteed. We have inspectors work hands on with our team members to ensure all problems are corrected immediately, and we also do our own internal quality surveys to ensure we are constantly adjusting according to our client’s needs.

The MasterCorp Advantage

MasterCorp is more than just a hospitality service company. We are YOUR full-service partner, for any of your Housekeeping, Commercial Services, Laundry, Engineering, and Floor Care needs. We recruit, train, and manage a team of professionals, selected for your specific property, and we implement industry leading knowledge and processes to ensure guest satisfaction. For 40 years, we have upheld our history of cleaning excellence with amazing clients across the U.S, and now, we want to move confidently into the future with you! Get in touch!

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