Improvement in Guest Satisfaction Score & Cleanliness

Guest satisfaction is the foundation on which the hospitality industry is built. It’s not just about delivering comfort, but also elevating their experiences, and going above and beyond in exceeding their expectations when it comes to accommodations.

In the new post-covid era of the hotel and resort industry, hospitality services companies are faced with higher expectations on what the guest wants in terms of their stay, mainly in terms of quality and expediency. However, these deliverables become harder to manage, when you factor in labor shortages, operational changes, and restricted budgets.

If you’re a hotel or resort manager reading this, you’re probably familiar with these challenges, and are looking for ways to improve your practices and ensure optimal guest satisfaction, in which case, this article is for you!

We have all the information on the latest industry trends, strategies, and best practices to ensure your guests have an amazing experience, and in turn, leave your property with glowing reviews! Enjoy!

What does “Guest Satisfaction” Mean?

When we talk about guest satisfaction, we’re referring to the overall experience your vacationers have at your establishment. This overall experience rating is comprised of a number of factors including the fulfilment of requests, expectations, and needs, as well as the enjoyment derived from their stay, regardless of the AMOUNT of time they spent at our property.

Guest satisfaction can also be measured by the services offered at your hotel or resort in comparison to your direct competition, however you can optimize staff performance to sometimes make up for accommodations and services you may be lacking in/unable to provide.

Basically, it comes down to loyalty. The guest/establishment relationship is built on the trust and knowledge that if you provide above average services, the guest will in turn have you as a go to hotel, as well as recommend you to family and friends.

However, this isn’t always the norm, and you will have to account for rapidly changing guest behaviors, preferences, and expectations. In addition, COVID-19 has also brought housekeeping to center stage by forever changing cleanliness standards.

With this in mind, lets look at the different ways guest reviews can impact your business.

How does Guest Satisfaction Impact Your Hotel or Resort?

There’s a lot riding on if your guests have a positive or negative experience during their stay at your property.

Happy guests are more likely to make repeat bookings and recommend your hotel to others, which positively impacts future growth, while unsatisfied visitors may file complaints with the hotel, leave bad reviews online, and, ultimately, damage your brand’s reputation.

Now more than ever, guests are blogging, sharing pictures, travel information, recommendations, and personal details about their experiences at their vacation sites.

With sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google, it has also become EASIER to share reviews publicly, and smartphones have increased the ability to share anywhere at any time.

Simply speaking, hoteliers are one click away from being busy, or dead during the upcoming spring season.

Main Influencers of Guest Satisfaction

There are many factors when it comes to determining the overall guest satisfaction of a guest’s stay, but you can count on three major indicators to always be at the forefront of the visitor’s experience: response time, room cleanliness, and long check-in waits.

Although these three factors may seem unrelated, they’re all actually firmly connected to one essential hospitality department: Housekeeping.

Your housekeeping department can make or break your guest experience.

How quick your houseman delivers fresh linens, the overall clean of the room, and how long it takes to turn a room has great impacts on the reviews your guest will leave. Putting your energy in optimizing the efficiency of your housekeeping will ultimately lead to higher guest satisfaction scores, and we have the tips to help get you there!

How to Improve Your Housekeeping Department!

  • Improve Cleanliness Standards

A lot has changed since 2020, and cleanliness standards and recommendations for hotels and resorts is still being updated by government agencies on a regular basis. Make sure you check in with your Quality Assurance team and make sure your regular best practices are being updated.

Additionally, if you are bringing in a third-party hotel cleaning company, make sure they have a Quality Assurance team, as well as their own proprietary processes that fit your standards, and align with your values! MasterCorp not only has it’s own patented cleaning approach, but it can also be customized to fit your brand!

  • Make Sure You Are Well Staffed

Staffing issues can lead to longer turn times, and therefore, longer check-in waits for guests. Make sure you have a well-staffed housekeeping team, especially for the upcoming busy season.

  • Provide Ongoing Training

Make sure your housekeeping department has continued training for cleanliness policies, procedures, and equipment use. Don’t have the time for ongoing training? It may be time to bring in a third-party that not only supports but teaches. MasterCorp has ongoing training in the latest cleaning and safety practices, as well as a dedicated Learning and Development team with courses for soft skill development, to deliver optimal guest interactions.

When it comes to keeping your guest expectations in mind, MasterCorp is on your team, every step of the way. We fly your flag, while making sure our housekeeping services are performed on time, at the highest quality, while showcasing your excellent brand standards. We are available for you 24/7 to answer any of your questions or you can request a personalized quote here!

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