Keeping your office clean during cold months

Winter is a season people usually associate with hot chocolate and bundling up to a warm, cozy fire. But, for people working in an office environment, those long cold months take on a different meaning. Winter is a crucial season for office cleanliness, as travel increases, and germs more easily spread from host to host. This can be a huge disruption to your day-to-day business, as people call out sick during one of the most important times of the year for your bottom line.

During this time, your traditional cleaning methods for your office just won’t cut it! Luckily, MasterCorp is an expert in ALL areas of cleaning excellence, not just those associated with the hospitality industry. Check out our exclusive expert tips on how you can keep yourself and your coworkers safe and healthy during those frosty times!

Cleaning From The Bottom Up!

Your office floor may not be something you think about when it comes to spreading germs. But this is typically a high-traffic area in your working space. People inside and sometimes outside of your organization walk on it multiple times a day. They go out for lunch, or coffee, run an errand on their break and bring THOSE germs back into the office with them. Plus, hardwood, linoleum, and especially carpet are HUGE collectors for dust and debris, which can easily transfer via your clothing. More than that, the rain or snow depending on where you are located, can also be tracked in, making your floors look dirty, and degrading the integrity of the surface, if not cleaned right.

Luckily, MasterCorp has been an expert in floor care cleaning and maintenance ever since we opened our doors more than 40 years ago. In fact, it’s the business that started it all. With us as your floor care provider, we can not only clean and maintain your floors to the highest professional degree, but we can also ensure the health and safety of your workers, reducing absenteeism by nearly 40 percent!

Window Care

When people look into your office, what will they see? Will they see your dedicated staff hard at work to provide your customers with the best in what your company specializes in? Will they see a cohesive team, sharing thoughts and industry-leading ideas? Or Will they see smudges, and frames with collected dust and grime? A first impression is everything. Your potential customers and clients should be able to easily see your merchandise, and employee environment. Inside, window cleaning removes residue that leaves the glass cloudy, streaked, and dull, and eliminates dirt buildup in the corners and edges of the window. Plus, winter is the BEST time to clean your windows! Hot weather can dry out cleaning solutions faster, causing streaking, and also dissolving of the chemicals before they reach their full protective potential.

Our MasterCorp Commercial Services team not only cleans windows, but we can also restore! We know glass replacements are expensive, which is why our experts are able to restore windows and glass by removing scratches, stains, hard water spots, and other types of external damage. Using the industry-leading Aqua Shield nanotechnology, we are able to restore your windows to ultra-smooth conditions and provide long-lasting protection from dirt and debris. Reduce your future maintenance costs and protect the integrity of your window and glass for years to come!

Key Areas For Disinfecting

No matter where you are or where you work, whether it be an office, department store, commercial business, or educational facility, you will likely be in a breeding ground for germs come the winter season. If there is one thing we have learned over the last three years of adjusting to a pandemic, it’s that we need to take EVERY precaution when it comes to preventing illness. At MasterCorp, we have a team of experts who know the top areas for germ collection are desks, doorknobs, handles, and other flat surfaces. By disinfecting these areas, the chances of spreading the germs will decrease, along with the chances of getting sick, as well as maintaining the high quality of health and safety your customers and employees seek.

At MasterCorp, we offer cleaning services for all of your disinfecting needs. We go the extra mile in everything we do. Not only that, but we are also specially trained in medical facility-grade disinfecting and cleaning. Even if that’s not your area of focus, it shows you how dedicated we are to providing you and your staff with a safe and healthy workplace.

About MasterCorp Commercial Services

MasterCorp commercial services is a business line of MasterCorp dedicated to providing full-service janitorial and facility maintenance for clients across the US. We recruit, train, and execute for all of your commercial service needs, leaving you time to focus on growing your own business. What’s more, we are a fully customizable service company, meaning we will work with you to draft an operations plan that fits your needs!

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