MasterCorp Unleashes Unprecedented Expansion in Laundry Services, Redefining Excellence

Orlando, Fl – MasterCorp proudly announces the expansion of its Laundry Services division, positioning itself as a strong competitor in the industry.

Having long been recognized as a leader in housekeeping services for resorts and hotels, MasterCorp has seamlessly extended its expertise to laundry operations. With nearly a decade of successful collaboration with Western Linen Services in Las Vegas, our commitment to providing reliable laundry services has only strengthened.

In a pivotal move in 2022, MasterCorp acquired a commercial laundry facility in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, catering to the Lowcountry’s premier resorts, hotels, and restaurants in South Carolina and Georgia. This facility, a powerhouse processing millions of pounds of linen and terry annually, exemplifies our dedication to excellence.

Building on this success, 2023 saw MasterCorp acquire the assets of a facility in Williamsburg, VA, a strategic move that now serves the majority of our Timeshare Housekeeping customers in the region. Since the beginning of our operations in Williamsburg, MasterCorp has invested significantly in state-of-the-art equipment, enhancing capacity and operational efficiency through process automation.

Looking ahead, MasterCorp is not just expanding physical operations but also bolstering its leadership team to strengthen the Laundry Services division. Recently, we welcomed Tim Crimmins as the Vice President of Laundry, a newly established position pivotal to the expansion of this division.

Tim brings over 30 years of expertise in laundry operations and business management, having most recently served as the Director of Laundry and Wardrobe for the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. His proven success in securing new ventures aligns seamlessly with MasterCorp’s ambitious growth plans as we grow our Laundry Services division.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey of expansion and innovation, and we can’t wait to share more exciting developments as we redefine excellence in the world of Laundry Services.

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