MasterMind Mobile: Housekeeping Assignments by Smart Phone

Recently released, MasterMind Mobile provides many benefits.

  1. Real-time Assignments. As soon as a unit is reported ready, the next has been assigned. Assignments can be changed in real time to accommodate early arrivals and special needs.
  2. Coordination. Dispatch/management knows how long each housekeeper has been in a unit. If one is taking longer to turn than expected, assistance can be provided.
  3. Quicker turns. No communication delays; quicker release for occupancy.
  4. Accurate reports. Reports can pinpoint how quickly a housekeeper is turning a room and which housekeeper cleaned a unit that garnered a guest’s comments – good or bad.
  5. Green. No paper. No waste.
  6. Maintenance. Issues can be reported on the app for quicker response before the guest arrives.
  7. Scheduling. Housekeepers can check their work schedule for the week.

MasterMind is a proprietary app developed by MasterCorp for MasterCorp housekeeping and the resorts where they serve.

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