“People Proud”: What Does It Mean?

“People Proud.” Those two little words are a big deal to us.

To be “People Proud” means that we value the Housekeeper just as much as we do the Executive. Our people work day in and day out to strive to provide excellent customer service for our clients and the customers they serve. No one position is more important than the other, as we are all equally responsible for client satisfaction.

There are no boundaries to what our associates can achieve. Everyone is encouraged daily to make what was once thought impossible possible. Associates are trained from Day One to act as leaders as they will one day be the ones who take MasterCorp to bold new heights.

Our associates are the heartbeat of our company. Their hard work and goodwill keeps things running smoothly. We do what we can to make sure they know that we are thankful for all that they do.

Simply put, being “People Proud” means that we are proud of our people, and we are thankful that such talented individuals make the choice to work for us.

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