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Floor Care

From The Floor Up

Beyond appearance, the maintenance of carpet and fabric-based items affects the cleanliness of the overall environment more than any other element. It is an investment that will reduce the frequency of fabric-based capital replacements and sill improve the overall customer experience.

Our floor care technicians are certified in the proper use and care of equipment and the most effective methods of cleaning each type of surface, whether carpet, tile, laminate, or fabric.

Our Services

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Deep Cleans

Deep cleans and scheduled floor care maintenance,  remove deeply embedded stains and dirt. As a result, areas smell fresher, maintenance cleaning services are performed faster, and furniture, fabrics, and carpets last longer.

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Upholstery & Drapery

As a part of our floor care services, we include the cleaning and deep cleaning of upholstery fabrics and drapery. A scheduled maintenance program can remove most of the dust and allergens that settle in the weave of fabrics.

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Maintenance Bundle

Bundled deep cleans and floor care maintenance schedules protect property assets and lower capital replacement costs. Our floor care teams have the equipment and the expertise to apply specific techniques for all type of surfaces.

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