What Are Some Essential Maintenance and Janitorial Measures Schools Can Take to Prepare for Summer Storms?

As the summer season approaches, so does the potential for severe weather events, including storms and hurricanes. Schools, being vital community institutions, must be well-prepared to face these challenges. Adequate maintenance and janitorial measures are crucial to ensuring the safety and functionality of school facilities during and after such storms.

As an experienced provider of facility maintenance and a company that has worked with a number of educational facilities, we know a thing or two about making sure learning centers are safe, healthy, and secure for teachers, students, and faculty. That’s why in this article we are going to teach you the most important aspects of keeping your schools prepped and what you can gain from having MasterCorp as your full-service partner.

Conduct a thorough inspection: Prior to the storm season, schools should carry out a comprehensive inspection of their premises. This assessment should include the building’s exterior, roofs, windows, doors, gutters, and drainage systems. Any existing damage or weak points should be identified and promptly addressed.

At MasterCorp, our team of trained quality inspectors is present for every cleaning and is committed to retraining and fixing mistakes on-site if quality expectations are not met. Furthermore, we provide a list of maintenance issues, not only for present problems but also for appliances that could become issues in the future. All of these reports are available to clients at any time as part of our commitment to full transparency!

Secure loose objects and fixtures: Schools should enlist the help of maintenance professionals to inspect and secure loose objects and fixtures. Remember, even something like a loose switch plate can become a projectile if it pops loose. Also, make sure all door hinges are properly tightened to avoid wind gusts causing damage. Additionally, make sure all lightbulbs in the facility are replaced.

MasterCorp’s team of engineering experts is not only equipped to inspect your facility but also secure loose objects and fixtures, as well as replace light fixtures before and after storms. We know how important it is to protect your facility from both big and small threats!

Clean and maintain drainage systems. Ensure that gutters, downspouts, and drains are clear of debris and functioning properly. Regular maintenance should include removing leaves, branches, and other obstructions to allow for efficient water flow.

MasterCorp’s janitorial team has experience with both drain cleaning and high dusting in outdoor settings. We remove all debris, big and small, so it doesn’t become a blockage or, worse, a projectile later on! Remember, a clean drain allows water to flow more easily and minimizes the risk of flooding your facility.

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Clean Windows: During strong storms, windows can be susceptible to damage from high winds and flying debris. Schools should consider reinforcing these entry points to minimize the risk of breakage. Remember, reinforcement measures not only safeguard against storm damage but can also enhance the overall security of the facility.

Cleaning glass after a storm can be time-consuming and expensive! That is why our experts are able to restore windows and glass by removing scratches, stains, hard water spots left from rain, and other types of external damage. We use the industry-leading nanotechnology of AquaShield, which allows us to restore your windows to ultra-smooth conditions and provide long-lasting protection from dirt and debris.

Post-storm cleanup and restoration: After a storm passes, schools must promptly assess the extent of any damage and prioritize cleanup efforts. Debris should be cleared from walkways and parking areas. Damaged roofs or windows should be repaired or temporarily sealed to prevent further water intrusion. Janitorial staff should thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas to prevent mold growth and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

MasterCorp is well versed in dealing with debris left over from damage and restorative projects. We know you can’t have kids and teachers coming back to a defunct or cluttered environment! That’s why we offer construction clean-up as one of our specialty services! We can get the job done on time and to your specifications.

Supplement Your Janitorial Team: It’s important to have a dedicated team of professionals at the ready to get to work after storms pass. When your in-house team is indisposed or dealing with other emergencies, you may need to consider calling in a janitorial or maintenance expert to assist in getting your facility running again.

MasterCorp is a full-service partner, which means we work with you every step of the way. Whether we are your long-term provider, supplemental staff to your in-house team, or a one-time hire, we will make sure all services are delivered in a timely and quality manner. Our services are fully customizable, so you just pick what fits your needs at the time! We always fly your flag!

The MasterCorp Advantage

Preparing schools for summer storms requires a proactive approach that encompasses maintenance and janitorial measures, and partnering with MasterCorp is the best action you can take to ensure your facility stays clean and protected! We will make sure your property stays at optimal functionality by conducting thorough inspections, reinforcing vulnerable areas, performing post-storm clean-up, and having a dedicated team of experts on call to ensure all damages are fixed and debris is cleaned up in a timely manner post-storm. Learn More About Our History

By prioritizing storm preparedness with MasterCorp, schools demonstrate their commitment to providing a secure and resilient educational environment for the entire community. In turn, MasterCorp prioritizes you! As your full-service partner, we will work with you every step of the way in uncertain times to provide you with fully customizable services based on your needs at the time!

MasterCorp, we are big enough to matter and small enough to care!

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