Supervisor Excellence: Train the Trainers

Supervisors are the hub of housekeeping success. Not only do they train the housekeepers in the trenches, they are usually the last set of eyes on a villa before a guest opens the door to begin a vacation or an auditor opens the door to begin an inspection. An investment in Supervisors strengthens the entire housekeeping team.

To assure that every Supervisor has a clear path for development, MasterCorp has reignited a Supervisor Excellence Program with three development tiers.

  1. Supervisor-in-training. All new supervisors begin on this level for at least 60 days. Even before entering the first tier, they must demonstrate the ability to clean five rooms to standard.
  2. Supervisor. The training this group receives sets them apart among the best trained in the industry, whether they choose to pursue Lead status or not.
  3. Lead supervisor. High expectations. High rewards. To reach the third tier, they must meet stringent requirements that demonstrate the performance, training, and character that set them apart as leaders. Lead supervisors deepen the base of leaders on site. From this elite group come future housekeeping managers.

The program provides training, increased compensation, and career development. Out of this, a wider base of leaders produces a stronger housekeeping team and better results for guests.

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