Executive Leadership - Alan Grindstaff | MasterCorp

Alan Grindstaff

Chairman, Founder & Chief Housekeeper

MasterCorp would not be where it is today without the person who started it all. Alan Grindstaff began a small floor and carpet care business which later became MasterCorp.

He never imagined his family company would grow to what it is today. Still, because of Alan’s vision, values, and passion for people, no matter how big MasterCorp gets, we will always be small enough to care.

D. Alan Grindstaff knows how to recognize and grow potential. Through his grit, passion, and ability to inspire others, he was able to build a hospitality service empire from the ground up. He founded MasterCorp in 1981, when he signed his first housekeeping contract with the Wyndham Fairfield Glade resort in Crossville, Tennessee. Through the years, he has consistently worked side-by-side with his corporate team, field Associates, and family to grow the company into the behemoth it has become.

Alan graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1972. He quickly put his business degree to work, starting a one-man floor care company in 1973. Through the years, he distinguished the company through values, building strong relationships with customers, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. The basis of MasterCorp’s proprietary cleaning processes, quality assurance, and SOPs are rooted in Alan’s work ethic and uncompromising standards. Now, more than 40 years later, MasterCorp continues to grow and thrive.

Along with being an established businessman and entrepreneur, Alan is also an adventurer. He ran the New York and Chicago marathons and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his entire family. He is also a philanthropist, developing the People Proud Fund in 2018 in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The fund is available to help MasterCorp Associates that have been impacted financially because of circumstances beyond their control. At the end of each year, the Grindstaff family matches every donation dollar for dollar to continue growing the fund, which has benefited hundreds of Associates and their families impacted by catastrophe.