Executive Leadership - Kevin Lang | MasterCorp

Kevin Lang

Vice President of Asset Management & Facilities

When clients partner with MasterCorp, they receive not only quality service, but also our amazing tools and resources.

Through our Asset Management and Facilities team, we make sure to have the best equipment and resources for any given job, while also overseeing housing facilities for our Global Associates.

Kevin Lang is a respected and knowledgeable facilities manager, with more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of hotel and resort management. He joined the MasterCorp team in 2016 as Vice President of Asset Management & Facilities and since 2018, he has also led MasterCorp’s Engineering division.

Prior to MasterCorp, Kevin worked at Wyndham Vacations as a General Manager, working his way up to Director of Strategic Operations. He also worked for Embassy Vacation Resorts, Embassy Suites, and Hawthorne Suites in various leadership and maintenance positions.

Along with his passion for building maintenance and engineering, Kevin is a certified Engineer and Operations Executive, and a Florida Licensed Community Association Manager. He has also served on 17 Homeowner Associations over the years, holding positions as Director, Vice President, and President.