Temp Labor: The True Cost

‘Hey, if they have a pulse, give ‘em a broom and put ‘em in a room.’

Most managers in a tough labor market have been tempted to adopt that hiring philosophy. But, from experience we know that desperate hires often prove to be just that–“desperate.”

Some turn to temps, but a temp labor solution is just that–“temporary.”

The convenience of temporary labor carries with it significant concerns regarding co-employment liabilities, as well as the added cost of perpetually re-staffing and re-training. Staff experience becomes diluted, and there isn’t enough time to develop a culture of cleanliness and hospitality. The true cost is found in less quality, lower morale, and higher liability.

Desperate hires and temps are Band-aids on a labor gash. But, there is a permanent solution for your resort – a proven turnkey housekeeping provider can put your days of desperate hires in the past and provide a trained, professional housekeeping staff that turns clean rooms on time.

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