The Fabulous Five: What Makes an Associate Stand Out?

At MasterCorp, we can’t tell you enough how proud we are of our people.  We’ve built, and continue to build daily, a stellar team that works hard to ensure clients are happy and taken care of.  Our associates settle for nothing less than excellence, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

How, exactly, do we find people like this?

We’re always on the hunt for associates who stand out from the crowd.  Ideal associates are willing to do what it takes to shape a customer experience unlike any other.  They’re driven to succeed, and they possess a desire to constantly learn valuable new skills and ideas that will help them better assist those we serve.

These associates also possess a vast skill set and knowledge base geared toward providing the best possible customer service.  Standout candidates will possess five vital skills in particular:

  • They can make lasting positive connections with others.
  • They can handle multiple tasks at once with relative ease.
  • They possess a keen eye for detail.
  • They have no issue communicating with others, whether speaking or in writing.
  • They are flexible and adapt to changing situations easily.

An ideal associate will not only come equipped with the skills listed above, they realize that working to hone them is a constant process.  They always look for new opportunities to practice identifying better with clients and customers to tackle the issues that stand in the way of their satisfaction.  Communication is seen not as an impossible task, but as a vital means in working with others to overcome all obstacles.  Likewise, they do not see change as something to fear, but as a positive force to be embraced.

In other words, these associates will one day become bold leaders with the foresight, drive, and passion to take customer service in bold new directions – all for the best of those we serve.

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