The Importance of a Good Plan

Rarely will you ever find a job that’s more fast-paced than the one our associates do every day.  Customers expect their vacation units to be ready the moment they arrive, which means our clients depend on our associates to turn them over quickly.  Not only do they have to work fast, but those efficiencies must be just as clean, if not more so, than the customer’s own home.

Gosh, that sounds like a tall order.  How do they do it?

Working efficiently begins and ends with planning.  MasterCorp associates are trained to tackle each unit by following our 7 Steps to MasterCorp Clean.  Those 7 Steps provide our associates with a concrete plan that helps them clean quickly while ensuring they do a thorough job.

Facing down any job with a plan helps you cut time by reducing any unnecessary extra work you’d create for yourself otherwise.  Our 7 Steps broken down individually lay out a specific order for cleaning depending on the area our associates may be cleaning at that time.  For example, when our associates are dusting the room, they are taught to follow one wall throughout the unit and to dust high to low.

A lack of planning leads to random outcomes, and those can lead to unhappy clients and customers.  If you tackle a job without a plan, you’ll find yourself missing all the little things, and that builds up to big issues.  No customer wants to find debris swept under a sofa or sleep on dirty linens because an associate simply wished to cut time by neglecting these things.  Likewise, no customer wants to wait unnecessarily on a unit due to an associate falling behind because they’re constantly finding and cleaning missed spots.

It’s great to be fast, but you must also be thorough.  Being thorough is wonderful, but you must also work fast.  You can only combine the two if you recognize the importance of following a good plan.

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