In the brave new world of the hospitality industry, many hotels are looking for something cost-effective, that can give them an edge when it comes to guest satisfaction scores. So, what do you do? Should you increase your budget on amenities and loose money? What about spending more money on additional recreations that might not get used? Instead of wasting money on things that MIGHT increase guest satisfaction, invest in a sure-fire solution.

The Solution to Guest Satisfaction

As a hospitality service company with a focus on housekeeping, MasterCorp knows that housekeepers are the heart of any hotel and resort operation. It’s also the department that has the most DIRECT impact on guest satisfaction, while having minimal interaction.

Clean rooms are often cited as being one of the most important indicators of guest satisfaction, especially in a post-pandemic world where guest expectations on cleanliness are higher than ever, and health and safety are top of the priority list for most travelers. So, now you have another question to answer: How to effectively up your housekeeping departments cleaning game? The answer: Deep Cleaning Services.

What Does “Deep Clean” Mean?

Deep cleaning is a method that goes above and beyond typical protocols for hotel rooms. It focuses on cleaning the areas of the room are usually overlooked during departure cleans. Effectively removing dirt and debris from carpets, eliminating dust at its source and not just from surfaces around the room, and using solid disinfecting procedures, rather than just wiping down the area are all key factors in a deep clean.

Based on traffic in your property, a deep clean should happen in each one of your rooms at least 2 times every year. Operation managers should also focus on key areas outside of the room, as well as restaurant kitchens, break rooms, offices, public restrooms, front desk areas, recreational areas, gyms, spas, and lobbies.

Maintaining Your Deep Clean

While deep cleaning is at the forefront of providing great guest experiences, it’s important to strategically sustain these high levels of cleanliness. For example, to protect your flooring and get the most out of your clean, try using a matting system throughout your property. Matting should be placed at entrances, check-in counters, and near back-of-house areas such as kitchens and housekeeping closets. The mats will capture liquids and debris from guests shows and prevent their spread. Hoteliers can ensure their floors remain clean regardless of increased foot traffic or weather conditions. Matting also works to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, which can take a toll on the guest experience. To ensure mats stay clean and effective in capturing contaminants, consider partnering with a matting service provider.

Another key to maintaining deep cleaning success, is ensuring your housekeeping staff have the tools, equipment, and chemicals required to effectively perform daily cleaning duties. Provide fully stocked cleaning carts with the essentials needed to help them efficiently clean and disinfect guest rooms. Tools such as professional-grade vacuums, microfiber cloths, chemical dispensing units, and auto-scrubbers help to improve efficiency of housekeeping staff.

Committing to a Deep Clean

Effective deep cleaning doesn’t stop once the tools are put away and a new guest checks in. It’s an ongoing commitment. Following deep cleanings, property owners should have their housekeeping managers follow up on a regular basis to ensure that each step in their deep cleaning program is helping exceed expectations of hotel guests.

Then perfect your process by increasing frequencies of methods that work best and improve upon practices that may not be meeting expectations. While working with service providers, ask for their expertise to make sure the program is constantly evolving to provide optimal guest satisfaction. By understanding the true meaning of deep clean, hotel and resort owners will demonstrate their dedication to a positive guest experience, which will help improve overall satisfaction and repeat business while providing a key point of differentiation from the competition.

Need Help? Call MasterCorp

Don’t have a housekeeping department that specializes in deep cleaning procedures? Don’t have the time to train them? Don’t worry! MasterCorp is a full-service hospitality partner that specializes in ALL hotel and resort cleaning practices. We offer comprehensive and fully customizable detailed deep cleans on an annual, semi-annual, and quarterly basis. Our goal is always to give each room a new start and reduce the appearance of wear on floors, fabrics, and appliances. We also partner with your engineering teams to keep rooms offline for as little time as possible.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your hotel’s reputation, your brand, and the impressions you leave your guests with. Satisfied customers will keep people coming back because they are pleased with their past experiences and know what to expect. Once the public becomes aware of the top-quality cleaning services a hotel has, they will create positive word of mouth and enhance the brand reputation. Employing the highly trained professionals at MasterCorp ensures results that go beyond the hotel room. Contact us and let’s get started!

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