The Mileage of a Simple “Thank You”

November 2018 – The Mileage of a Simple “Thank You”

What’s the best way to show appreciation? I’ll give you two hints: it’s not tangible, and it’s completely free. One more hint? Okay – it’s totally under-utilized in our day and age.

That’s right, we underestimate the power of two little words. “Thank you.”

Don’t get us wrong, a small gift to show your associates that you appreciate them never hurts. Team dinners are always popular, and an extracurricular outing here or there can be fun. However, the possibility that you’ll be able to give a small gift or treat your entire team to food every day is slim to none. A “thank you” can be given to all employees daily without fail, and it won’t cost you a single dime.

Telling an associate that you’re thankful and appreciative for the work that they do means more to them than anything. You don’t have to lavish them with a quick “thanks” every second of the day, but thanking them briefly at the end of the day goes a long way toward boosting morale. Associates relish a sincere “thank you” more than you’ll ever know.

Be sure to thank your associates at least once daily. It’s more important to them than you might think.

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