Our Training Commitment


Our managers and supervisors are training staff every day. New hires must demonstrate job proficiency before working on-site without supervision. From new hire training and process certification to our inspect-and-train system, everyone is equipped for excellence.

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Through online modules, our managers complete a curriculum of courses on all phases of management, which they use as a resource year-round.


We provide hands-on instruction and certifications at our 9 regional training centers around the country.  Our teams conduct mandatory quarterly meetings at different properties for continuing education.  We focus on best practices to keep our teams performing more efficiently and to a higher standard. 

Putting People First Means Putting Safety First

We demonstrate the value we place on Our People by providing them with a safe working environment.


We provide our teams with protective equipment to always ensure their personal safety. Eye wash stations and other immediate care resources are positioned in easily accessible areas.


Those teams with accident-free records are rewarded for their efforts.


Field Associates receive safety trainings including proper use and storage of chemicals as part of the new hire orientation program. All staff participates in monthly meetings to discuss measures for prevention and provide ongoing training.

Educate & Plan


We make the safety of Our People, your staff, and all guests a priority. With education and awareness, we can prevent most accidents on-site.


When accidents do occur, we have reporting procedures in place that allow us to provide quick and appropriate responses to every type of injury.

Cause Analysis

Our web-based program guides our team through a process to help identify the root cause of each accident and then tracks the measures taken to mitigate future ones


Building a Future Together

Knowledge is empowering. By giving Our People the training they need to be successful, they gain a greater sense of personal fulfillment in the work they do. Many of our managers and supervisors learned the basics as housekeepers or housepersons and worked their way into management. More than a job, we provide Our People with a way to build a career.

Career Path

We help Our People choose a career that best reflects their interest and skills.

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Skills Training

We develop Our People for success both in their jobs and to enable them to reach their goals.

Leader Development

We recognize and develop leaders by identifying the competencies and skills that align with proven success.

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